Thursday Coffee Evening at Transgender Support Center

Thursday Coffee Evening at Transgender Support Center (Pasilanraitio 5) on every other Thursday at 7–9 pm. Look up for at the dates at the calendar!

The Thursday Coffee Evening is open for anyone who is e.g. transgender, intersex, agender, gender non-conforming or related to such a person, or just questioning their own gender. You are welcome exactly as you are.

We want to make the Thursday Coffee Evening a safe space for free conversation or just hanging out. It’s okay to come later or to show up just for a while. We also have a small selection of board games or drawing materials or you can bring your own. Main language is Finnish, but we also speak English. You can also bring your own interpreter with you.

In order to create a safer space we have some rules:

  • All the things that are discussed during the event are confidential.
  • Everyone’s personal gender identity should not be questioned, and people should be referred by the name they provide.
  • We respect each other’s right to self-definition (or the lack of it).
  • Nobody is required to tell about themselves any more than they wish to.
  • Anyone at the meet-up who does not want to be greeted outside of the meet-up, should have that right.

Join us to enjoy conversation, hanging out, coffee and snacks!


Pasilanraitio 5 (toinen kerros)
00240 Helsinki

Toimistolle kuljetaan hissillä Pasilanraition puolelta, jossa ovisummeri sijaitsee. Käynti on esteetön. Toimistolle pääsee myös Fredriksberginkadun puolelta portaita pitkin. Ilmoitathan etukäteen henkilökunnalle, mikäli käytät jälkimmäistä reittiä.

Setan Transtukipiste l  Pasilanraitio 5, 00240 Helsinki  l  Sivun toteutus Niko Ala-Opas  |  Ulkoasu Musta Design