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Transgender Support Center

Seta’s Trans Support Center offers its services to all trans and intersex persons, to those pondering their gender and to their close ones. We are located at Seta’s office at Pasila (Pasilanraitio 5, 2nd floor) All services offered by the Transgender Support Center, including peer support group meetings and different forms of counseling, are strictly confidential.

There is a dressing space at the Transgender Support Center where it is possible to change and do your make up. The space is available during opening hours and on group nights (approximately half an hour before the group starts, when the group instructor arrives).


Pasilanraitio 5, 2 floor.
00240 Helsinki


Senior Social Worker
Maarit Huuska
p. +358 50 913 3278

For counseling the Senior Social Worker first contact Miska Salakka p. +358 50 3716899.

Social Psychologist
Kuura Autere
p. +358 50 303 15 22

For counseling the social psychologist can be reached by email or by phone from 15:15 – 17:00 on Thursdays.

Information about our services and other support for trans and intersex people and their closed ones, please contact Service Coordinator:

Miska Salakka
p. +358 50 371 68 99

Community Educator
Sasu Mattila
p.+358 50 326 4504



At the Transgender Support Center we respect the clients´ self definition of their gender and of their sexual orientation, of their family and of who are their significant others. The services are free of charge and no referral is required. You may also use a pseudonym, if you wish. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can make a reservation for yourself, member(s) of your family or other important persons in your life. Call us and or send an e-mail.

Coffee Evening on Thursdays

Thursday Coffee Evening at Transgender Support Center on every other Thursday at 6–8 pm. Look up for at the dates at the calendar!

The Thursday Coffee Evening is open for anyone who is transgender, intersex, agender, gender non-conforming or related to such a person, or just questioning their own gender. You are welcome exactly as you are. See more:

Thursday Coffee Evening at Transgender Support Center

Face-to-face counseling

You can meet us alone, with your friend or partner, with your whole family, with a mental health professional or with whomever else close to you.

Private counseling

The Trans Support Center offers private counseling in 1 – 20 sessions for instance in following situations:

  • for individuals pondering their gender identity or who need support in strengthening their gender related well being
  • for individuals concerned about how they feel in their body
  • for individuals dealing with stressful or challenging life situations
  • for individuals dealing with challenges in social interaction or social situations concerning the transition
  • for individuals considering coming out or protecting their privacy
  • for individuals dealing with conflicts or tensions in their relationship
  • for individuals dealing with conflicts or tensions in family situations
  • for trans persons and intersex persons concerned about their sexual orientation
  • for individuals seeking support in searching trans-sensitive employees from different parts of Finland
  • for individuals seeking support during the gender reassignment process with related examinations and treatment
  • for individuals concerned with work life situations
  • for individuals wishing to discuss the gender transition process of their close ones and its effect on them
  • for individuals concerned about starting a relationship
  • for individuals seeking support in violent circumstances or against discrimination
  • for individuals seeking support for any other transgender related question.

Support in relationships

The Trans Support Center offers counseling for couples and people in polyamorous relationships in 1 – 10 sessions for instance in following situations:

  • when concerned about one´s own or their partner/partners´ well being
  • when wanting more open communication but wondering where to start
  • when the gender reassignment process of a client´s partner has created tension or a need for change in the relationship
  • when wondering whether to stay together or to separate
  • when seeking parenting counseling
  • when planning for parenthood or needing to discuss ways to become a parent
  • when concerned about gender identity, gender related issues or sexual orientation or sexuality in a relationship
  • when concerned about family relations or circle of friends and acquaintances
  • when seeking other relationship counseling for couples or people in polyamorous relationships.

Family meetings

Everyone defines their own family. You can visit the Trans Support Center with whomever you choose. The Trans Support Center offers support periods consisting of 1-10 sessions for the following situations:

  • when a young person wants to discuss their gender with their parent or parents
  • when a parent/parents want to discuss the significance of the gender reassignment process or transvestism of a parent or of the young person
  • when a family member needs support because of a secret that hasn´t been shared with everyone in the family
  • when someone in the family needs support
  • when a parent/parents need support in telling their child about their transitioning
  • when a family needs support in telling to younger siblings, relatives, circle of acquaintances, school and/or other parties that a family member is transgender or undergoing gender reassignment process
  • in other matters that generate questions.

Support for parenting in different situations

  • consultation is available for parents on to how to support their child whose gender identity is different from their assigned gender at birth
  • our consultants can help parents tell their children about their transition and discuss gender diversity
  • support in family planning
  • support is available for parents and families on how to interact with their circle of friends and acquaintances and with their surrounding communities
  • support for parents in situations related to the intersexuality of their child or in questions related to parenting
  • other support.

Path of Opportunities – service for young people under 18 years

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you wish to talk in confidence to someone who knows about the diversity of gender or if you wish to get information about possible treatments.

You can decide for yourself which services you want to use. We can help you to:

  • draft together, for example, a coming-out letter/video for your parents
  • ask your parents to join in our conversation and provide them with information about subjects concerning transgender/ diversity of gender
  • solve, for example, school related situations
  • talk about anything concerning gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation and relationships.

You can ask more or make an appointment by sending your message to kuura.autere[at]

On call Skype-service for the young. An employee of the Trans Support Center is available at Skype. Add Kuura Transtukipiste to your contacts. Please use Skype-chat instead of skype-call.

In addition we have published Young Transgender and Intersext people’s vision for 2020 ”None of the above”. This vision was published in Finnish 2010.








See also Seta´s film ”Diversity is in us”. Film is about lives of young GLTB-people in Finland. It contains 8 stories, duration 20 minutes. Subtitles in english, finnish and swedish. See it with english subtitles on Youtube:

Peer support for youth

Guy group (jätkäryhmä) is for over 16-year-olds that are pondering life as a boy/man.

Women/Girl group (naisten ryhmä) is for over 16-year-olds that are pondering life as a girl/woman.

We organize an annual meeting for under 16-year-olds – you can ask about it by sending a message to eepu.autere[at]
The peer groups operate in Finnish.



Transvestite association DreamWearClub´s Coffee Night

The second Monday and the fourth Tuesday of every month from 7 ­to 9 p.m.(apart from Tuesdays in July, August and December).


The different groups gather at the Trans Support Center once a month. We have groups for women, transgenders, men, spouses and near family members and significant others.

Instructed peer support for children is arranged if needed. You can ask about groups intended for children or young people via e-mail: neuvonta[at]

Other services

  • Empowerment camps (Voimavaraleiri)
  • Events (Pride, TransHelsinki)
  • Educational and consultation services for professionals
  • A small library with literature on diversity of gender is available during opening hours.

The original translation for this page is made by Juho Heikkinen, Maarit Kivinen, Riikka Korpela, Johannes Rastas and Mirva Öhman, who are students at University of Helsinki, Department of Modern Languages, English translation. Seta is responsible of all the alteration.

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